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540 Area Code: Location, Time Zone and Phone Lookup

540 Area Code Location, Time Zone & Map

  • State:Virginia
  • Timezone:Eastern
  • Current Time:

Major Cities in 540 Area Code
  • Roanoke
  • Harrisonburg
  • Blacksburg
  • Winchester
  • Cave Spring
  • Salem
  • Fredericksburg
  • Staunton
  • Christiansburg
  • Waynesboro

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The 540 area code is used by phone numbers from city of Roanoke, Harrisonburg, and Blacksburg in the state of Virginia. As one of the 269 US cellphone area codes, the 540 phone code includes nearly 535,917 phone numebrs and covers almost 500,803 people.

Is 540 a Real Area Code?

Do you know what area code 540 is? If you're not from Virginia, you probably don't. But if you are, you know that 540 is a really important area code.540 is the area code for the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia. If you're looking to move to Virginia, this is a great area to consider. The Shenandoah Valley is known for its natural beauty, and there are plenty of great places to live here.

If you're looking for an area code that's unique and has a lot of history, 540 is a great choice. Whether you're already living in Virginia or you're just starting to think about moving there, be sure to keep the Shenandoah Valley in mind. Thanks for reading!

Where Do 540 Area Code Phone Numbers Come from?

People in the United States often receive phone calls from numbers with the 540 area code. But where do these numbers come from?Area codes are assigned to particular geographic regions. The 540 area code is assigned to the state of Virginia. This area code is used for the eastern part of the state, including the cities of Roanoke, Fredericksburg, and Charlottesville.

People in other parts of the country may not be familiar with the 540 area code, but it is a popular area code in Virginia. In fact, it is the fifth-largest area code in the state.

Is Area Code 540 Toll Free?

The answer to this question is a little more complicated than a simple yes or no. Area code 540 is in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and like most states, Virginia has both toll-free and regular telephone area codes. Calls within Virginia are considered local calls, regardless of the area code, and there is no toll charged for calls made within the state. However, calls made to or from Virginia to another state are considered long-distance calls, and there is a per-minute charge for these calls.So, whether or not an area code is toll-free depends on the location of the caller and the destination of the call. If you're calling someone in Virginia, it doesn't matter what area code they're in - the call is local and there is no toll charged. If you're calling someone in a different state, it depends on whether or not the area code for that state is a toll-free area code.

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