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509 Area Code: Location, Time Zone and Phone Lookup

509 Area Code Location, Time Zone & Map

  • State:Washington
  • Timezone:Pacific
  • Current Time:

Major Cities in 509 Area Code
  • Spokane
  • Yakima
  • Spokane Valley
  • Kennewick
  • Pasco
  • Richland
  • Wenatchee
  • Walla Walla
  • Pullman
  • Moses Lake

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The 509 area code is used by phone numbers from city of Spokane, Yakima, and Spokane Valley in the state of Washington. As one of the 269 US cellphone area codes, the 509 phone code includes nearly 421,579 phone numebrs and covers almost 400,944 people.

509 Area Code: History & Time Zone

Did you know that the 509 area code is one of the original area codes created in 1947? The first phone number in the 509 area code was dialed on November 21, 1947.The 509 area code is a large area code that covers most of eastern Washington. The 509 area code is also a time zone area code. The time zone in the 509 area code is Pacific Standard Time.

Cities Served by Area Code 509

509 Cities: A Comprehensive GuideIf you're looking for information on the 509 cities served by area code 509, you've come to the right place. Here, you'll find a comprehensive guide to these cities, including information on population, geography, and more.

509 is a large area code that covers a significant portion of the western United States. Cities in the 509 area code include Spokane, Kennewick, Walla Walla, and Ellensburg, among others.

If you're looking to relocate to or within the 509 area code, be sure to check out this guide for information on the various cities and towns served by the area code. You'll find everything you need to know about each city, including population, location, and more.

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Toll Charges for 509 Area Code Phone Numbers

When Washington State created the 509 area code, it was done with the anticipation that it would eventually be split into two area codes. That time has come.Beginning October 1, 2018, the new 509 area code will be in effect. This means that all new phone numbers will have the 509 area code. If you currently have a phone number with the 509 area code, you will not be affected.

The new 509 area code will be used for all new phone numbers in the Spokane, Moses Lake, Wenatchee, and Tri-Cities areas. If you live in one of these areas, you will need to use the 509 area code when you dial phone numbers.

If you are traveling to one of these areas, you will also need to use the 509 area code when you dial phone numbers.

There is no change to the way you dial local phone numbers. You still dial the area code followed by the seven digit phone number.

There is a change to the way you dial long distance phone numbers. To dial a long distance phone number, you will now need to use the 10 digit phone number. This includes all phone numbers with the 1-800 and 1-888 prefixes.

For more information on the new 509 area code, please visit the Washington State Utilities and Transportation Commission website.

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