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219 Area Code: Location, Time Zone and Phone Lookup

219 Area Code Location, Time Zone & Map

  • State:Indiana
  • Timezone:Eastern
  • Current Time:

Major Cities in 219 Area Code
  • Hammond
  • Gary
  • Portage
  • Merrillville
  • Valparaiso
  • Michigan City
  • Schererville
  • Hobart
  • East Chicago
  • Crown Point

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The 219 area code is used by phone numbers from city of Hammond, Gary, and Portage in the state of Indiana. As one of the 269 US cellphone area codes, the 219 phone code includes nearly 267,666 phone numebrs and covers almost 253,233 people.

219 Area Code: History & Time Zone

220What is Area Code 219?

Area code 219 is a telephone area code that covers northwestern Indiana. It was one of the original area codes created in 1947.

What is the history of Area Code 219?

The 219 area code was one of the original area codes created in 1947. It originally covered the northern half of Indiana. In 1996, the area code was split, and the southern portion of the 219 territory became area code 812.

What is the time zone for Area Code 219?

The time zone for area code 219 is Central Daylight Time.

Cities Served by Area Code 219

Area code 219 is one of the original area codes established in 1947. It covers northwestern Indiana and a small portion of southwestern Michigan. Cities served by this area code include Gary, Hammond, Michigan City, and Valparaiso.The 219 area code is experiencing rapid growth, as more and more people are moving to the region. This has led to some congestion on the telephone network, and a shortage of phone numbers in the 219 area code.

In response to this growth, the Indiana Public Utility Commission has proposed a new area code for the 219 region. This new area code would be 930, and would serve the same area as 219.

Residents and businesses in the 219 region are urged to take note of this proposal and provide their input. The Indiana Public Utility Commission will be accepting public comments on the proposal until October 21, 2014.

If you would like to provide your feedback on the proposed 930 area code, or if you have any other questions or concerns about the 219 area code, please contact the Indiana Public Utility Commission at www.in.gov/iurc.

Toll Charges for 219 Area Code Phone Numbers

It's official! As of April 1, 2019, toll charges will be applied to all 219 area code phone numbers. This means that anyone with a phone number in the 219 area code will now be charged for calls made to any number within the United States, regardless of whether the call is local or long distance.This change has been a long time coming, and many people are wondering why it's taken so long for toll charges to be applied to 219 area code phone numbers. The answer is actually quite simple. For many years, the 219 area code was considered a "local" area code, and therefore, calls to other numbers within the United States were not subject to toll charges. However, as the 219 area code has become more and more popular, it has begun to fall out of the "local" category, and as a result, toll charges are now being applied.

For most people, the toll charges for 219 area code phone numbers will be minimal. In most cases, the toll charge for a call will be just a few cents. However, for people who make a lot of calls, the toll charges can add up quickly, and it's important to be aware of these charges before making any calls.

If you're wondering how the toll charges for 219 area code phone numbers will be applied, here's a quick breakdown:

-Calls to other 219 area code phone numbers will not be charged a toll.

-Calls to numbers in other area codes will be charged a toll, depending on the distance of the call.

-Calls to numbers in the same state as the caller will be charged a toll, regardless of the distance of the call.

So, what do you need to do?

If you have a phone number in the 219 area code, be sure to update your contact information with any businesses or organizations you do business with. Also, be sure to let your friends and family know about the toll charges, so they don't get surprised when they try to call you.

Thanks for reading!

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